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Body on wood certification the design and survey republican unitary

Enterprise"Belgiproles" confirms officially that production:

- Forest products round coniferous breeds, СТБ1711-2007,

- Forest products round deciduous breeds, СТБ1712-2007,

- Balances for export, GOST 22296-89,

- Raw materials wood technological, THAT РБ100195503.014-2003,

- Fire wood, СТБ1510-2004,

- Saw-timbers of coniferous breeds, СТБ1713-2007,

- Saw-timbers of deciduous breeds, СТБ1714-2007,

- lath, THAT РБ00969296.005-98,

- stick wooden, THAT РБ100195503.012-2003, occurs from the woods certificated according to requirements of System of wood certification of Byelorussia, and in the course of its manufacturing the special account and identification of applied raw materials and the materials received or made of wood production, occurring of the certificated woods, providing difference from production of other origin according to requirements ТКП5.4.03-2005"National system of acknowledgement of conformity of Byelorussia is adjusted. System of wood certification. Rules of identification of wood production and products of its processing on the basis of an origin».

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