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Enrolment of citizens executives on ГЛХУ«Rossonsky timber enterprise»

The director:Goats Ivan Vladimirovich of ph. 4-13-64, environment from 8-00 till

The main forest warden:Karpovich Vladimir Ivanovich of ph. 4-17-84, Friday from 8-00 till

The deputy the director for ideological work:Zavatsky Gennady Pavlovich, ph. 4-20-27, Monday from 8-00 till

All executives carry out enrolment of citizens at any time (without considering on official days) for convenience of citizens. In ГЛХУ«the Rossonsky timber enterprise» works «a hot line». Phone 4-23-15, 4-20-27

In all forest areas wood holiday is carried out on Saturdays from 8-00 till.

Every week forest area departure on enrolment of citizens (the director, the main forest warden, замdirectors for ideological work) is organised. All statements and complaints dare this very day, or in time established by legislation РБ.

Management and experts use only:

Law РБ«About the reference of citizens», decrees of President РБfrom 13.09.2005г№432 «About some measures on perfection of the organisation of work with citizens in state structures, other state organisations», from 16.03.2006г№152 «About the statement of the list of the administrative procedures which are carried out by state structures and other state organisations after the reference of citizens behind delivery of inquiries or other documents».

- About lists of documents and (or) the data requested by a state structure for realisation of an administrative procedure,

With instructions of the right of the citizen to give the given documents independently;

- Phones of "hot" lines;

- About a site, a surname, a name, a patronymic, number of office phone, a post of the worker who is carrying out preliminary consultation of citizens or preliminary making a list of appointments;

- About the location of the book of remarks and offers and on a site (office number), number of office phone, a surname, a name, a patronymic, a post of the worker of the state structure responsible for conducting of the book of remarks and offers

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