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Labor protection

In realisations of the right of each worker guaranteed by the Constitution on healthy and safe working conditions in timber enterprise, as well as at all other enterprises RB an important place are occupied with a control system of a labour safety. The timber enterprise administration bears responsibility for creation at the enterprise of normal conditions for work, training of workers to safe receptions of performance of works, maintenance with individual defence means.

Orders personally according to functions assign a management and responsibility for the Labour safety condition as as a whole on timber enterprise, and on structural divisions. The commissions on examination of workers are appointed.

In the beginning of year and during it training and examination of workers with registration of corresponding magazines and reports were in due time carried out. All orders, decisions, information letters of Minleshoza, Ministry of Labor and соцare finished to data of workers. Protection, industrial wood economic association.

According to finished a drawing Days and Weeks of a labour safety with attraction of heads and experts of timber enterprise during which time the current condition of the Labour safety on divisions and as a whole on the enterprise was defined have been spent. The found out lacks were necessarily reflected in the generalising inquiry and in the order with instructions of measures of influence on persons admitted infringements.

A lot of time is given performance of points of instructions given out by the higher organisations: industrial wood economic association, Department гос. Work inspections.

In timber enterprise reconstruction of capacities with replacement become outdated both physically, and morally the equipment on new, as much as possible meeting the requirements qualities of made production, volumes of output, safety precautions (a photo № ___) is spent.

The actions planned for 2011 for a labour safety in the conditions of decrease in state financing, maintenance of increase in volumes and quality of carried out works, will demand the maximum return and attention from each worker, strengthening of responsibility, observance of industrial and technological discipline. In timber enterprise work on carrying out to preventive work in forest areas under the prevention of cases of an industrial traumatism, as a whole strengthening of all work on a labour safety recently became more active.

With a view of increase skill to bring down woods, distributions of an advanced experience, safe, qualitative and highly productive work on лесосечныхworks annually in timber enterprise are held selection competitions to bring down woods (a photo № ___) to the republican championship "Woodcutter".

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