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лесхоз в Россонах
Hunting and tourism

The Rossonsky wood hunting economy is located in the centre of Rossovsky area and has the area of 55 000 hectares., including:

- Wood – 35 125 hectares;

- Field – 15 468 hectares;

- Vodno-marsh – 5 104 hectares.

For hunting production in an economy there is enough of stationary and portable towers, shooting lines for the pen hunting. Are made облавныеhunting for wolves.

For storages and game cutting are available the equipped premises and cold storage rooms. For the maintenance of dogs open-air cages are constructed.

For mushroom pickers and аssembly of baccas there are enough places for assembly of gifts of wood.

For tourists and having a rest excursions to Polotsk and Rossony, in places of guerrilla glory and museums, at will, are led.

Transport is given.


The summary price-list of the prices for trophies and services of the State wood economic establishment «Rossonsky timber enterprise» on 15.09.2011г.:

Trophies, services      Cost             

      For citizens РБ, rub.   For citizens РБ, commercial,rub.   For foreign citizens, Euro     

Operation of the hunting complex of Jankovichi (6 places), 1 days      500000      500000           

Residing at the house of hunter Jankovichi (1 place), 1 days     600006000040   

Operation of the hunting complex of Seljavshchina (12 places), 1 days  500000      500000           

Residing at the house of hunter Seljavshchina (1 place), 1 days  500005000040   

Transport services (УАЗ), 1 hour   30000Is included into cost of the organisation of hunting      Enters into cost of the organisation of hunting     

A food (thrice)   -     -     20   

The hunting organisation (transport during hunting, services of the huntsman)     -     50000      50   

The weapon import licence    -     -     40   

The moose with horns to 2,99кг     See more low      See more low      450  

Moose trophy from 3,0 to 4,99кг                550  

Moose trophy, 5,0-5,99кг                 660+3 euros for 0,01кгfrom above 5кг   

Moose trophy, 6кгand more               990+4,0 euros for 0,01кгfrom above 6кг 

The moose the male without horns   See more low      See more low      600  

Moose a female               450  

Moose one years   1000000+25000     1500000     250  

Wound of a moose (trophy/grown-up doe /grown-up male /one years)Cost l      Cost l      800/450/250/150  

Miss on a moose   -     -     15   

Moose the adult (1-2 processes on everyone to a horn), a female  2000000+25000     2500000           

Moose trophy (3-5 processes on everyone to a horn)   3000000+25000     3500000          

Moose the adult (6 and more processes on everyone to a horn)     5000000+25000     5500000           

Roe deer trophy, to 149,9г   350000+25000      500000      80   

Roe deer trophy, 150-199г                100  

Roe deer trophy, 200-249г                150  

Roe deer trophy, 250-299г                190  

Roe deer trophy, 300-349г                230+2,0 euros for 1гfrom above 300г    

Roe deer trophy, 350-499г                345+4,0 euros for 1гfrom above 350г    

Roe deer trophy, 500гand more                 1000+6,0 euros for 1гсвыше500г   

Roe deer the male without horns    See more low      See more low      100  

Female, one years            80   

Roe deer adult    200000+25000      300000           

Wound roe deer (male/female/segoletok)   Cost l      Cost l      200/60/60  

Miss on roe deer             10   

Wild boar trophy, 130-139мм  600000+25000      800000      160  

Wild boar trophy, 140-159мм              220+4,0 euros for 1ммSt. 140мм   

Wild boar trophy, 160-189мм              345+4,5 euros for 1ммSt. 160мм   

Wild boar trophy, 190-199мм              550+3,0 euros for 1ммSt. 190мм   

Wild boar trophy, 200ммand more               600+10 euros for 1ммSt. 200мм    

Wild boar the male with canines to 130ммor a female depending on weight of the hulk of an animal without interiors, to 49,9кг400000+25000 adult 250000+25000 till 2th years 120000+25000 one years  450000 adult 300000 till 2th years 170000 one years  100  

Wild boar 50-99,9кг                195  

Wild boar of 100 and more kg             270  

Wound of a wild boar (trophy/adult/young growth)     Cost l      Cost l      400/190/90 

Miss on a wild boar                10   

Beaver      15000+500 (single) +50000 (seasonal)     3000050   

Otter50000+500 (single) +50000 (seasonal)     100000      100  

Wood grouse1200000+10000     1250000     400  

Wound of a wood grouse  600000      625000      200  

Black grouse (spring)   250000+10000      300000      130  

Wound black grouses (spring)125000      150000      50   

Geese (spring)    10000 single 100000 seasonal3000020   

Woodcock (spring)       1000015   

Duck(spring)           2000010   

Duck, a partridge (autumn)   15000 single 200000 seasonal200009    

Woodcock, hazel grouse (autumn)          1000015   

Geese (autumn)          3000019   

Wolf  -     500000      500  

Wound of a wolf   -     200000      200  

Jackrabbits20000 single 120000 seasonal3000020   

Fox, marten, raccoons. A dog       4000030   

Concerning acquisition of the permission, single permits and placement in houses of the hunter to revert: the leading engineer on the hunting economy - Vorslo Frants Stepanovich, 293-21-12 (MTS)

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