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In 2009 in timber enterprise 562 hectares are created. Wood cultures, including hectare sowing-15., in 2010 of hectare., including sowing - of 15,2 hectares. Assistance to natural renewal on the area of 78,4 hectares is executed.

Uptake of young growths in a category of valuable arboreal plantations in forest resources of Minleshoza is executed on the area only 370 hectares., including for the account:

- Wood cultures on cuttings down and on the earths which have been not covered with wood - of 212 hectares;

- Carryings out of measures to natural renewal of wood - of 14 hectares;

- The earths not covered with the wood, abandoned under natural wood restoration and renewal by valuable arboreal breeds - of 127 hectares;

-mjagkolistvennyh the young growths translated as a result of cutting of leaving in economic valuable plantations - of 17 hectares;

In timber enterprise there is a sylvula the area of 3,5 hectares. It is grown a standard landing stuff only 2,9 hectares, 4 065,7 thousand pieces, including sejantsev-1,9 hectare., 3 788 thousand pieces, saplings-1ga., 277,7 thousand pieces. The basic nursery in timber enterprise is not present.

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