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лесхоз в Россонахлесхоз в Россонах

The timber enterprise office is in an administrative centre of Rossonsky area – settlement of city phylum Rossony located in 150 kilometres from the regional centre of Vitebsk and in 50 kilometres from railway station Polotsk.

Through Rossony pass highways Р24 (Polotsk – Rossony) and Р132 (border of the Russian Federation - Rossony - Kohanovichi). Railway communication in Rossonah is not present.

The Rossonsky area is formed on July, 17th, 1924. Its area compounds 1,9 thousand square kilometres. 60 % of percent of terrain occupy woods, 20 % - agricultural grounds.

The Rossonsky area is widely known thanks to the finest lakes, which else name «the Blue necklace of Rosson». Around 192 big and small lakes (27 fishing). Greatest of them – Neshcherdo, Usveche, Volobo, White, Sinsha, Shevino. The largest river – Drissa with inflows of Svolno, Nishcha, Neshcherda.



On сomposition of wood to geographical demarcation the timber enterprise terrain falls into to the Polotsk complex of large forests Western - Dvinsky сomposition of wood area of a subband shirokolistvenno-fur-tree (dubovo-temnohvojnyh) woods.

The timber enterprise terrain is located in a region of an is moderate-continental climate. As a whole the area is characterised low maintenance with heat that along with steady humidifying creates the congenial conditions for successful growth of following breeds: a pine, a fur-tree, a birch, an aspen, an alder black and an alder grey. It confirms presence of plantations of high qualities of locality (Ia, I). Shirokolistvennye breeds (an oak, an ash-tree, a maple) lack heat and consequently can grow only in the form of a dash as a part of other breeds.

Our address: 211460, Vitebsk area,

The item of Rossony

Street Nevelsky, 1

Phone/fax: 8-02159-4-23-15

e-mail: rossony_leshoz@tut.by

The contact person: Rundja Svetlana Vladimirovna

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